Thursday, January 30, 2014

World Best Airport announces its plans to keep getting better

By: Shania Brendon
Singapore’s Changi Airport was crowned the best airport in the world at the 2013 Skytrax World Airport Awards in Geneva.  The airport has consistently maintained its reputation for its extremely attentive passenger experience. However, just when we thought the airport has everything the passengers’ need, the country keeps surprising us. Recently, Singapore has announced its major expansion plans to add a much impressive facility to its airport such that it will improve passenger experience by providing larger passenger capacity and entertainment facilities.

Singapore’s upscale new addition plan is named the “Project Jewel” and is designed by the popular architect – Moshe Safdie, the man behind the artistic Marina Bay Sands. The Project jewel covers a transformation of a 3.5 hectare plot of land that would be given a mixed architectural look featuring restaurants, shops, massive indoor garden with a waterfall. The project jewel would be completed and scheduled to be opened in 2018. In addition, the Terminal 1 of Changi Airport would be expanded for more space for other facilities such as larger arrival hall, baggage claims and taxi bays while it loses a car park.

The Jewel will be the ultimate world-class destination of glass and steel which undoubtedly would capture the hearts of everyone from the moment they arrive in Singapore. Changi Airport has seamlessly connected the passengers to over 270 cities across the globe and has been one of the favourite airports. Henceforth, upon completion of the project jewel, Changi Airport will definitely be second to none.

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Qantas tops the Safest Airline List – Announced by

The world’s only safety and product rating website, “” has recently announced the Top Ten Safest Airlines of the 448 airlines it monitors for 2013. Qantas has topped the list with its amazing fatality free record since 1951. The Airline has maintained an outstanding record of topping in all safety as well as operations for over 90 years. Qantas made it to the top ten with seven stars for both safety and in-flight product alongside with Air New Zealand, All Nippon Airways, CathayPacific Airways, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Eva Air, Royal Jordanian, SingaporeAirlines and Virgin Atlantic.

The’s rating system analyses the safety of the airlines, taking into consideration numerous different and vital factors of aviation governing bodies and lead associations’ audits, government audits as well as each airline’s fatality record.

Qantas has a 93-year history in the aviation industry and is named the world’s most experienced airline by several organisations. In addition, the airline has a long list of almost 30 notable industry leading achievements. Qantas is still renowned for offering the world’s longest air route by elapsed time – Perth to Colombo (Sri Lanka).

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Important things to carry while travelling

By: Shania Brendon
Travelling is always fun. Exploring new places and enjoying your vacation to the fullest is what we all look forward to during the year. There may be a majority who literally live to travel and often tend to make spontaneous travel plans especially when they see some great deals from travel agents who offer cheap flights to favourite destinations. When travel is spontaneous, we do not usually give enough thought with regards to what you need to carry along while you travel. If you do not have the important stuff, then there is always a possibility that you would regret the entire planned holiday – so why be disappointed?

Be wise and plan ahead by keeping a comprehensive list of things which you should definitely carry with you while travelling. The following list would assist you for your next travel

1)    Passport, Itinerary and other travel documents

Your passport and itinerary are definitely the first things you should have in hand – ofcourse you wouldn’t be able to get through the departure terminal without them. In addition, other travel documents such as proof of hotel booking, travel insurance and driving licence or ID will be important for a peaceful holiday.

2)    Money, Money and Money!

Carry with you some cash as well as ATM, debit or credit cards. It is always safe to have some local currency of the destination you are travelling to. It would come in handy when you have to pay for cab from the airport or grab a meal once you have landed. Further tip would be to split the cash you are carrying amongst your friends or family who are travelling with you – just in case a robbery happens, you will still have some handy cash.

3)    Clothes – “comfort before fashion”

Depending on the destination you are travelling to, grab the clothes you will need. It is always wise to carry a bikini or swimsuit and heaps of underwear. Furthermore, grab more comfortable clothes than fashionable ones as well as other accessories such as sunglasses, overcoats, hats, flip flops – this would enable you to enjoy your holiday more.

4)    Gadgets

Holidays should be always memorable and you should always keep these memories forever. This is why you will NEED a camera when you travel anywhere to remember, cherish and share the memories of each holiday. Along with you camera, make sure you carry the charger and at least one multi-plug. IPADS, IPODS and laptops are other important gadgets few travellers like to bring along.

5)    First AID and toiletries

If you are travelling with kids and trekking, racing or other adventurous activities are in your itinerary, then a first AID kit will always be useful to carry. In addition, ensure you carry other important toiletries such as toothbrush, body creams, wipes and tissue papers.

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Simple Tips to Book Cheapest Flights

By: Shania Brendon

The need for travel has increased drastically in this era with people of all ages wanting to get out of their city and explore new things in life. Travelling often is only possible when we are successful in fitting all our travel costs within our budget. This is possible if you could primarily find the cheapest way to travel with the cheapest flights available. With the numerous travel agents and airlines available, finding the best affordable flight that fits your budget might not be that easy. Take a quick glimpse at the infographics which provides detailed tips on how to grab the cheapest flight available to your favourite destination.

First and foremost, the wisest thing to do is to do your research on different travel agents and read reviews on which airline or agents provide the most cost-worthy flights. In addition, numerous agents and airlines tend to offer great offers and deals on flights regularly on their Facebook pages. Like multiple Facebook travel pages, follow impressive travel blogs and it is guaranteed that you would find the easiest and cheapest way to travel. Furthermore, subscribe for newsletters from prominent airlines and travel agents.

Booking package deals, being flexible with your travel dates, being open to alternative routes as well as mixing and matching flights are other tips to grab the cheapest flights to your favourite destinations. Scroll through the attractive infographics to learn more on how your next travel can be booked well within your budget.

If you are a student, then always look out for student discounts and special offers from travel companies. Things are very much favourable when you are a student – enjoy while it lasts. Most importantly, if you happen to be a frequent traveller, be sure to get yourself a frequent flyer card where you could accumulate and redeem miles when you travel. This could be an easy and efficient way to cut down your costs on flights.

Enjoy reading the infographics and be successful in booking the cheapest flights in future with esteemed travel agents.

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Best Adventure Travel 2014

By: Shania Brendon

Are you fed up of travelling to the turquoise waters in the Caribbean or exploring the historic sites in Asia? The world has so much to offer than just beaches, heritage sites or sceneries. If you are looking for unique vacations with some thrill and enthusiasm, then scroll through the infographics on the Best Adventure Travel 2014. The infographics provides a brief list of exciting places that would keep you pumped and active this New Year. From Mountain hiking to whitewater rafting, there is so much to do while you travel around this beautiful world.

Some of these destinations might not be prominently known for this adventure but once you experience it, you’d keep going for more. France, one of the most romantic cities in the world – has a thrilling mountain biking adventure catering to numerous tourists. Located in Avoriaz in the Portes du Soleil Region of French Alps, you can find one of the most amazing man-made bike trails and alphine tracks that offer a splendid platform for mountain bikers and this is definitely a memorable experience.

Similarly, Kayaking in Kamachatka, Russia is one other must-do things in life. If you are into some real thrill, then this hike and kayak expedition definitely should be on the list. Starting off with a helicopter ride which drops you off at a volcano followed by heavy hiking amidst thousands of brown bears, thereafter some real kayak and paddling across rivers and seas. If you have what it takes, book your flights to Russia right away.

The Mosquito Coast is one of the least explored regions in the popular Americas. Little did we know that whitewater rafting in this region of Honduras is yet another outstanding adventure? This experience comes with hard-core whitewater rafting that rides through the Rio Platano river right to the Caribbean coast passing astonishing wildlife and indigenous tribes.

These are just a few; take a glimpse at the infographics to find out more on the best adventurous destinations. Sailing at Cape Horn, Swimming at Sporades Islaes – Greece, Rock-climbing in Yangshuo – China and traveling by horse are few of them. Grab cheap flights to these amazing adventurous destinations and it is guaranteed your experiences would be unforgettable!

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