Thursday, January 16, 2014

Important things to carry while travelling

By: Shania Brendon
Travelling is always fun. Exploring new places and enjoying your vacation to the fullest is what we all look forward to during the year. There may be a majority who literally live to travel and often tend to make spontaneous travel plans especially when they see some great deals from travel agents who offer cheap flights to favourite destinations. When travel is spontaneous, we do not usually give enough thought with regards to what you need to carry along while you travel. If you do not have the important stuff, then there is always a possibility that you would regret the entire planned holiday – so why be disappointed?

Be wise and plan ahead by keeping a comprehensive list of things which you should definitely carry with you while travelling. The following list would assist you for your next travel

1)    Passport, Itinerary and other travel documents

Your passport and itinerary are definitely the first things you should have in hand – ofcourse you wouldn’t be able to get through the departure terminal without them. In addition, other travel documents such as proof of hotel booking, travel insurance and driving licence or ID will be important for a peaceful holiday.

2)    Money, Money and Money!

Carry with you some cash as well as ATM, debit or credit cards. It is always safe to have some local currency of the destination you are travelling to. It would come in handy when you have to pay for cab from the airport or grab a meal once you have landed. Further tip would be to split the cash you are carrying amongst your friends or family who are travelling with you – just in case a robbery happens, you will still have some handy cash.

3)    Clothes – “comfort before fashion”

Depending on the destination you are travelling to, grab the clothes you will need. It is always wise to carry a bikini or swimsuit and heaps of underwear. Furthermore, grab more comfortable clothes than fashionable ones as well as other accessories such as sunglasses, overcoats, hats, flip flops – this would enable you to enjoy your holiday more.

4)    Gadgets

Holidays should be always memorable and you should always keep these memories forever. This is why you will NEED a camera when you travel anywhere to remember, cherish and share the memories of each holiday. Along with you camera, make sure you carry the charger and at least one multi-plug. IPADS, IPODS and laptops are other important gadgets few travellers like to bring along.

5)    First AID and toiletries

If you are travelling with kids and trekking, racing or other adventurous activities are in your itinerary, then a first AID kit will always be useful to carry. In addition, ensure you carry other important toiletries such as toothbrush, body creams, wipes and tissue papers.

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