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The Best Spring Festivals of 2014 from Around the World

By: Shania BrendonStepping out of winter and experiencing the refreshing approach of spring makes anyone celebrate, but there are certain countries around the world who take the Spring Festival to a whole new level. Discover the hidden ceremonies, breath-taking beauty and simple traditions behind each country’s celebration. Decide which festival you want to be a part of choose anyone of the cheap flights offered by Travel Center UK to one of the exotic destinations listed below.

Holi Festival - India

Extremely fun the Holi or Festival of Colours is one of India and Nepal’s biggest festivals. Held on March 17th Holi starts with the Holika bonfire the night before. The fun starts the next morning when people chase one another throwing coloured powder and water at each other.

Las Fallas and Holy Week - Spain

Popular Las Fallas is a grand 5 day celebration honouring St. Joseph of Valencia. The celebration is from March 15th to 19th and consists of gorgeous fireworks, parades and feasts.Semana Santa (holy week) in Saragoza is a religious festival over 700 years old. Held from 12th to 19th April 2014.

Water Festival - Thailand

Songkran or Water festival marks the beginning of Thailand’s traditional New Year. Water is thrown on people to wash away bad luck and the past. Khaosan Road sees the biggest celebration. Held from 13th to 15th April.

Cherry Blossom - Japan

The blossoming of the Sakura (cherry) tree is celebrated in style, by the Japanese who are devoted to the wonders of nature. Experience this festival by gathering at parks for viewing the blossoming of the colourful trees. End March to early May and 1st February on Okinawa Island.

Water Festival - China

Beautiful and popular the Water Festival starts April 13th and lasts 3-7 days. Racing Dragon Boats, cleansing one another with water, colourful fireworks and gifts of love are all part of this magical and traditional ceremony.

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Beautiful European Villages to Vacation In

The ultimate holiday experience is relaxing within the cosy confines of a romantic European village. Most are treasures tucked away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Now Travel Center UK is offering you the chance to enjoy a relaxing holiday in one of these charming European villages.
Smiling locals, authentic national dishes and breath-taking scenery await the discerning traveller. Check out our infographics for a taste of culture ranging across the hills of Austria to the glistening lakes of Norway. The choice is yours, read on and discover.

1. Hallstatt-Austria

Gorgeous scenery awaits you at this village snugly placed between the Hallstatter Lake and mountain. Hallstatt comprises of ivy covered houses and has a rich and prosperous history of salt mining.

2. Manarola-Italy

Authentic Italian hospitality awaits you here. Located in the province of La Spezia, Italy, Manarola is one of the infamous Cinque Terre towns tourists love coming back to.

3. Bibury-England

Located in beautiful Cotswold region, South England, Bibury promises typically beautiful English countryside’s. Enjoy trout fishing at the River Coln or lazy walks through the scenic streets lined with stone cottages.

4. Colmar-France

The aroma of freshly baked croissants fills your senses as you stroll through the streets of Colmar. German Gothic and French Neo-Baroque architecture will impress you while local restaurants specialise in Foie Gras and Sauerkraut.

5. Reine-Norway

Reine is a scenic little fishing village. Bright red fishermen cottages have been converted into tourist houses giving one great views of the Norwegian Sea, mountains and Northern lights.

6. Cong-Ireland

Beautiful Cong village is found close to the Lake region of Galway. Breath-taking scenery, grand castles and ruins of an Abbey add to the medieval atmosphere.

7. Gruyeres-Switzerland

Infamous for the self-named cheese this beautiful village is a Medieval Hamlet located in a valley of the Saane River. Explore 13th century castles and treks along the Alpine foothills.

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Start making memories to last a life-time as you relax and enjoy the countryside!

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Indian Tourists to Dominate the Travel Sector in 2020

By Shania Brendon
Move over China, as the world recognizes India as the fastest growing out-bound market. Reputed as big spenders Indian tourists are expected to rise to a mind blowing 50 million by the year 2020. This is a number second only to China.

The travel sector is extremely pleased. And are over-looking slumping economies by trying to fit in direct flights to varied destinations. Australian Tourism predicts that around 15 million Indian tourist travel the world at present while Asia-Pacific was very pleased with the 13 .3 billion spent by Indian tourists in 2011.

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The introduction of direct flights by Thai Airways from India to Phuket saw over a million Indian tourists travelling to Thailand which is extremely popular as a holiday and wedding destination.

Direct flights hold the key. Already country’s like Turkey are reaping the benefits of introducing direct flights from India to Istanbul. Travel Center UK will certainly have some great deals on available direct flights to accommodate the India traveler.

Interestingly we find that the Indian business-woman travelling the world has seen a sharp increase. While the tech savvy younger generation Indians are looking to their smart phones and trendy apps for travel bookings. Which is why a comprehensive travel service, as offered by Travel Center UK is invaluable in today’s fast paced world.

Most certainly the Indian Traveler will re-define the world of travel and tourism, bringing that much needed push to all holiday destinations in terms of revenue and publicity. Come 2020 Travel Center UK will be buzzing with great deals to all Indian Travelers.

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Wonderful Amazing and Surprisingly Cheap Destinations

Ever dream of travelling the world? Is budget a problem? Well it’s not really because we at Travel Center UK have found that there are extraordinary holiday destinations that you can travel to on a very cost effective package.

We have selected 7 of the best and cheapest locations from around the world. Old world charm to the exotic is on offer covering destinations such as Slovakia, Bahamas and Thailand. Read on and select a destination that is just right for you.

1. Mexico: 
Spicy, sunny and loads of fun is Mexico. Mexico City, Oaxaca, Monterrey and Ensenada are some of the most affordable cities. Cancun is a haven of resorts for vacationing on a low budget. Head on to Mexico and enjoy lazy days on the sunny beaches, cruises, exploring villages and exotic cuisine.

2. Slovakia
Enjoy exploring old castles, learning about old world culture and marveling at the natural beauty of Slovakia. Plan your trip during Mardi Gras for a taste of local festivities, great food and wine in the 8th cheapest city.

3. Thailand
Exotic, beautiful Thailand is ranked the 3rd cheapest city. Mouth-watering cuisine, luxurious spas, street-stalls, jungle treks and beautiful sites await the budget traveler in Thailand.

4. The Bahamas
Enjoy a Caribbean summer this winter, in sunny Bahamas where super cheap accommodation meets budget cruises and a host of free attractions such as Cabbage Beach, Port Lucaya Market etc.

5. New Orleans
Hip Jazz clubs, historical buildings and delicious local cuisine awaits the budget traveler in New Orleans. Mardi Gras, Halloween and French Quarter Festival are great attractions.

6. Phoenix
An ideal year-round holiday destination. Golfing, exploring the Apache trail and hiking up Camelback Mountain are some of Phoenix’s’ main attractions.

7. Las Vegas
A destination for all, apart from gambling Las Vegas provides plenty of attractions from Circus Circus to Freemont Street Experience. You will find plenty of budget accommodation away from The Strip while enjoying the full Las Vegas experience.

So, what’s holding you back? Get onto Travel Center UK and book a cheap flight to the exotic destination of your choice.

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